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EZ SLIM #1 Topical Weight Loss Body Slimming Patch



EZ SLIM is simply the BEST topical weight loss and slimming patch there is. Our patch uses advanced skin patch technology and has ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, and herbs such as Garcinia Cambogia and Vitamin B12. These ingredients are placed in the patch at the molecular level using our exclusive DermiFlex technology.

These ingredients will naturally reduce your appetite for food, aid in weight loss, maintain healthy cortisol levels and at the same time provide you with energy. Unlike other weight loss products, you will not experience any energy drop.

We have done extensive research to see what natural ingredients help people lose weight and we have been giving patients EZ SLIM for the past several years to amazing results in our different weight loss centers in Southern California.

*(We are not affiliated with "EZ SLIM Weight Loss Pills")

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EZ SLIM is easy to use. Place the patch in the morning on your body where you have little or no hair and just leave it on the whole day. Take it off an hour before sleep.

Place a new patch on the next morning! (The patch is NOT soluble in water.*)

From our observation with our patients we have found the best way to use EZ SLIM is to use the patches for 30 days (~1 Month) then take a week break, then continue for another 30 days and so forth. 

One of the key ingredients in EZ SLIM is Garcinia Cambogia (Hydroxycitric Acid) which is an extract from a pumpkin-like fruit located in South East Asia. Garcinia Cambogia may help with suppressing the appetite.

African Mango Seed Extract is also added and may help reduce body fat, weight, and even cholesterol levels.

Gooseberry and Milk Thistle Extract may help boost metabolism, detoxify the liver, and regulate blood glucose. Terminalia Bellirica and Terminalia Chebula are also added and may help clear the bowels and maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Finally, we have our special Vitamin B complex, that includes Vitamin B12, to help elevate your mood and provides all-natural all-day energy as you lose weight.

EZ SLIM Weight Loss Patch comes in a pack that contains 30 patches. 

Each patch is 1.25" (inch) x 1.25".

EZ SLIM Patch is all natural and safe, but we still advise that pregnant/nursing women NOT take the patch.

Also it is not for anyone under the age of 18.

We are not affiliated with any pill or capsule products that might have the name EZ SLIM. We focus exclusively on patch systems.

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